19 April 2016

Porirua Computers in Homes Graduation - Course 66

Another 29 people graduated from Porirua Computers in Homes on 6 April 2016.  Tracey Martin MP (NZ First) presented the certificates to the graduates.  Her speech was very encouraging and really struck a cord with many, so was very much appreciated.  One of the students (Kamiria Mullen) spoke to everyone about how much she had enjoyed the course and gained from the style of learning.  She also told us that she was now tutoring all her great grandchildren in using the computer for learning. Chris Theobald, principal of Holy Family School, spoke how important computers were now for families to support learning.  The National Coordinator for Computers in Homes, Di Daniels, was able to also give strong words of encouragement to the families, before presenting some special awards for learning stories.

09 February 2016

Graduation for Course 65

Christmas came early for those graduating from Course 65 on 9 December 2015.  Jane Reddish (Principal of St Pius X School - Titahi Bay) and Dr Alan Nicols (ex-CEO BRANZ and Chair of Life Education Trust - North Wellington) presented successful students with their certificates.  After enjoying lunch together, students were able to take their refurbished computer home, to continue their digital learning journeys.

Congratulations and well done to all.

Jane and Alan flank Makerita at the Porirua Computers in Homes graduation for Course 65.

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09 November 2015

Graduation for Course 64

25 happy students graduated on 23 September 2015.  Sose Annandale (Principal of Russell School, Cannons Creek) presented the certificates to each graduate.

Sose Annandale - principal of Russell School
The graduates of Course 64 - Porirua Computers in Homes

27 July 2015

Graduation of Course 63 - 24 June 2015

For this graduation I thought the students could say what they thought in their own words!  What follows is quotes from students of course 63.

"I feel this course has taught me basic important computer skills and I can understand a lot more about computers and the internet. I also know what a Gmail is and have one and know how to work and explore it further than just email.  After 10 weeks attending Computer in homes Porirua, I have grown in confidence with using different tools on the computer, including turbo typing, publisher and PowerPoint.  Just to name a few. For this, I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn and achieve my set goals.
A special thanks to all my tutors who have supported me throughout this course."

"I took up this course to be able to communicate with family and friends, who have a computer.  The program I have undertaken is affordable, local, enabling me to attend without any transport issues.  Learning about computer technology will be most beneficial once I have learned all the basic skills.  I hope to be able to share information & news with all my family. Now I feel I am improving my computer skills with each lesson."

"When your teenage boys and your primary school aged girls, and even your 65 year old father know more about computers than you do, its time to join the revolution.  As soon as I heard about this course, I thought this is what I need, what my family needs!"

"I am so wrapped that I am finally on this course because everything that I ever wanted to know I can just ask.  All the tutors are so awesome and very patient and knowledgeable."

"I feel like I can now be on the same page with my children, to learn with them and even help them with homework, doing a presentation for school etc.  Just knowing how to navigate my way around things like google has been amazing for me."

"When I first started this course, I did not know how to use a keyboard or computer. Now that we have finished this course I am getting better and better because I can type words and sentences now were as before I found it very hard."

"Learning how to do PowerPoint presentations, all the extra functions of the Google apps that weren’t Gmail, Maps or Search, and the relaxed atmosphere of the class helped me become motivated to want to learn these things."

Course 63 - graduation 24 June 2015