30 September 2009

Award honours E-Learning Porirua Trust work

E-Learning Porirua Trust has won the Educational and Child/Youth Development category in the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards for Porirua City.

The E-Learning Porirua Trust funds and manages the delivery of digital education and training services in the community be delivering consistent and high quality training services to families in Porirua's low decile areas through the Computers in Home programme.

The Trust has contributed computers or finance for computers to 24 low decile schools in Porirua City. Children are now able to do their homework on a computer, meaning they are not so disadvantaged and are doing much better at school. The Board of Trustees are all volunteers who contribute their various business skills to the Board's primary function of fundraising and administering these funds.

There are also 100s of volunteers over the years who have contributed giving 1000s of hours assisting families, especially in low income areas to become computer literate. This has led to many parents gaining computer skills and getting full-time employment as the Prime Minister found out when, earlier this year, he attended the launch of the Porirua Digital Trust. The work of E-Learning Porirua Trust had a huge influence on the Porirua Digital Trust being awarded US$400,000 by Hewlett-Packard for hardware in the community at Community Access Points and Netpods in our schools.