21 June 2011

Student Testimonial - Manu Anaru

“The Computers in Homes course has given me a confidence boost and has helped my children achieve better grades at school

Manu had no knowledge of computers before she started the Computers in Home course – they scared her. However, family and friends recommended the course to her.

For Manu, she had to learn the basics, from how to turn the computer on and what icons meant, and how to use a mouse and keyboard to navigate.

The course was easy to attend as she was able to bring her children, and had time to collect older children from school. A real bonus was receiving a computer to take home upon graduation. This has encouraged Manu to keep using the computer to further develop her skills and confidence. Her children were very excited recently to get jobs as extra’s in a movie thanks to Manu’s skills at searching for jobs on the Internet.

Manu has introduced a rule at home that the children complete their homework before being allowed to play games. Her house has become a magnet for other children to come and use the computer to explore the Internet, and this makes her feel better about her children and parenting skills. Manu is full of ideas for the future, she would encourage all families to attend the programme.