13 April 2012

Student Testimonial - Faye Oliver

My name is Faye Oliver, I decided to enrol in `Computers in Homes’ so I could get the skills & knowledge that would not only enable me to get back into the workforce but also feel confident using a computer.  During the past 10 weeks I have had a fantastic opportunity of learning an array of computer skills to which I am now proud to share with my family.

Some of the things I have learned are as follows:-

• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Publisher
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Using the internet
• Email
• CV’s
• Drawing Tables
• Using Tab Tools

My computer class was on a Wednesday, but I enjoyed it so much and was hungry for more knowledge that I decided to attend Tuesday classes as well.  I have enjoyed & learnt so much at this course thanks to our helpful & knowledgeable tutor and wish to continue to learn more, so, in July I start an Office & Computer course at Whitirea Polytec h Porirua. This may not be a huge deal for anyone else but for me I feel it is a great achievement and feel exceptionally proud of myself.

Tim Findlay; Remarkit Solutions and Faye Oliver
CiH Graduation - 11 April 2012