01 July 2014

Congratulations to 10 of our Newest Kiwis

Saturday 28th June saw the latest graduation celebration for refugees . This course is normally attended by students who share a single nationality, however in spite of it being our smallest refugee course, it was, by far, our most diverse yet.
Within our ten students there were five nationalities, however including our tutors, there were eight nationalities present amongst 14 people. Our students and tutors originated from countries including: Afghanistan, Burma, Colombia (x5), Chile, Egypt, Iraq (x2), Eritrea and New Zealand (x2). Communication was one of the difficulties faced on this course; with so many different languages and cultures present. However this was resolved with help from technology (Google Translate), our tutors and the willingness of our students to learn. The diversity of such a small group shows that the pursuit of education can bring together people from all across the globe, who overcome political, religious and cultural differences, and language difficulties, to learn together. We congratulate 10 of our ‘newest’ Kiwis on their graduation and wish them every success for their future.